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Edgewave And Huawei Announce Joint Cyber Security Solution
Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 02:26:20 PM


EPIC Adaptive Cyber Service and Industry's Leading Next Generation Firewall Combine to Stop Cyber Attacks on Businesses

RSA Conference, San Francisco, CA, Apr 21, 2015 - Huawei announced today that it is teaming with EdgeWave, Inc. to provide a joint solution that redefines how enterprises defend against advanced cyber threats. Combining advanced adaptive analytics from the EdgeWave EPIC Security Assurance Service™ with the Huawei USG6300 Series Next Generation Firewall, the EPIC Next Generation Firewall provides businesses with adaptive cyber security proven effective to identify and stop advanced threats.

“Cyber attacks are growing at break-neck speed and the civilian sector is losing battle after battle, suffering massive financial losses, customer churn, and brand damage. We introduced Enhanced Precision Integrated Cyber Capabilities (EPIC) to do one thing: stop the losses. Fighting cyber adversaries 24×7 is in our DNA and EPIC brings that DNA to the businesses we serve,” said Mike Walls, Managing Director, Security Operations & Analysis at EdgeWave. Prior to joining EdgeWave, Mr. Walls (CAPT, U.S. Navy ret.) was responsible for U.S. Navy cyber readiness, ensuring the security of over 300 ships, 4,000 aircraft and 400,000 personnel.

The Huawei USG6300 Series Next Generation Firewall is recognized globally for providing granular application control, and accurate and efficient security policy management, in an ultra-high-throughput yet affordable line of appliances. “Integrating EdgeWave and Huawei technologies is extremely disruptive to the cyber landscape, providing enterprises with highly effective security, carrier-grade reliability and performance, all in an affordably priced product line providing the most effective tools available to defeat cyber attacks,” said Lizhu Liu, General Manager of the Firewall & Applied Gateway Domain and Vice President of Switch & Enterprise Communications Product Line for Huawei. “Hackers are motivated and well-funded, and this combined solution will provide the most advanced defenses available and transform the entire cyber security posture of any organization instantly.”

EdgeWave, a San Diego-based cyber security industry leader, fuses machine, threat, and human intelligence to create adaptive security that identifies when an organization has been hacked, provides a remediation plan to eliminate the threat, and allows organizations to adapt their security policies on the Huawei USG6300 series Next Generation Firewall.

“Cyber attacks threaten the growth of the global economy,” said Dave Maquera, EdgeWave President & CEO. “By combining Huawei’s USG6300 series next-generation firewall and EdgeWave EPIC adaptive security, we provide all businesses with unrivaled defense against advanced cyber threats, even to those organizations and businesses who previously believed they couldn’t afford it. We’re honored to be teamed with Huawei, the global leader in telecom and network infrastructure, on this important mission.”

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