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EdgeWave Releases New Malware Capabilities for Award-Winning Secure Email Gateway Enhancing its Zero-Minute Defenses
Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 03:34:37 PM


Dec 14, 2016

SAN DIEGO, CA – EdgeWave, Inc.® (, a cybersecurity firm based in La Jolla, California, announced today the release of EdgeWave ePrism™ Email Security 10.4 platform to further expand its malware capabilities protecting its customers from emerging and known email threats.

Email continues to be an essential communication channel for organizations today. With the rapid growth of remote access to corporate email and networks, organizations are experiencing even more email-borne attacks than ever before. Bad actors are exploiting every facet of weakness in an organization from DNS, websites, and malicious attachments. With the new release, customers get a highly scalable, comprehensive email security solution geared for their size of organization at an affordable cost.

“EdgeWave has built a powerful email security platform hardened by 15 years of R&D with its Zero-Minute Defense, protecting millions of users from internal and external threats such as spam, viruses, spyware, phishing schemes, identity theft, and other dangerous content,” said Bob Crowe, Vice President of Engineering. “We’ve seen a resurgence of JavaScript and Macro related attacks and our current release incorporates advanced malware protection helping enterprises stay ahead of threats by uncovering the root cause, detecting outbreaks before further propagation, and blocking where appropriate.”

EdgeWave ePrism is an award-winning, hosted cloud email security solution with Zero-Minute Defense against phishing, spam and malware campaigns using our unique combination of automated intelligence and 24/7/365 human analysis in a simple-to-use security suite for all email compliance and business needs. In the latest release of ePrism, customers will benefit from:

  • Advanced Malware Protection – Detection of active content, commonly in MSWord (Macros) and JavaScript (.pdf) format.
  • Malware Sampling – Automated sampling of suspicious content with dynamic delay and real-time policy creation to detect and remove future malicious messages.
  • Burst Detection – Detection the sudden pulse of spam and malware campaigns that use slight variations in email messages and quarantine the infected messages.

In addition to the current enhancements, EdgeWave customers are already take advantage of the powerful email security features inherit in its ePrism Suite, including:

  • Zero-Minute Defense – Automated intelligence combined with 24/7/365 human analysis whereby messages are reviewed for psychological and technical threat cues. New rules are created in real time to stop emerging threats.
  • Multi-Layered, Advanced Security – Inbound scanning for specific threats based on content analysis, virus detection, sender profiling and more; adaptive threat detection to defend against network-based threats; email behavior analysis; sender reputation tracking, email DNA analysis to identify dangerous or objectionable content; exclusive phishing and spam filter technology quickly identifying campaigns before they penetrate users networks – now, including SPF for spoofing filter
  • Anti-Virus – Multiple anti-virus scanning engines including Kaspersky
  • Data Loss Prevention – Comply with government regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS and GLBA via content analysis and policy engine that analyzes inbound/outbound information to detect private content and prevent it from leaving the network.
  • Email Continuity – 24/7 access to your emails, which is enabled automatically. During an outage, users can still read, compose, reply to, forward and delete messages.
  • Email Encryption – TLS server-to server encryption with park and pull encryption as well as push encryption.
  • Email Archiving – Retention of email in an unalterable state, offered as a cloud-based solution and incredibly scalable.
  • Customizable Reporting – Customizable reports with comprehensive data on both inbound and outbound messages serving a wide-range of available report templates which can be generated on-demand or scheduled.
  • Alerts and Integrations – Notifications configuration for specific requirements for ease of daily management for IT admins.

Along with the ePrism platform, EdgeWave helps organizations defend against cyber attacks and advanced threats with a powerful yet simple-to-use EdgeWave iPrism™ Web Security solution which provides fine-grained content filtering combined with advanced threat defense.

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