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Browser-based Anonymous Proxy Detection

iPrism protects against attempts to circumvent your network Internet security via browser-based anonymous proxy detection. Circumventing your network Internet security can be attempted in a variety of ways, including by accessing anonymous proxies. This occurs when a user goes outside your network to connect with a privately hosted proxy server. Detection of these servers is the first step in protecting your network but without an integrated solution for proxy server detection, your IT administrator may spend many hours manually monitoring and blocking these proxy sites in order to protect your organization from the risks associated with anonymous browsing.

iPrism defends against Internet access via browser-based anonymous proxies with a multi-layered approach that includes both real-time methods to detect proxy settings and automatic anonymous proxy detection. iPrism is the webs security solution that conserves your IT resources while effectively protecting your network.

Dynamic Proxy Detection

Anonymous proxy sites are pervasive and easy to build. Proxy server detection is challenging because the Internet landscape is littered with sites that offer proxy site-building scripts and instructions for enabling them via free hosting services. The frequency with which purveyors of this circumvention technique are able to erect these sites has made the conventional proxy detection techniques of many Web security solutions ineffective. As soon as one site is located and blocked, another one emerges. iPrism’s dynamic script-based (i.e. PHProxy, CGIProxy) proxy detection technology helps thwart these circumvention attempts with technology that can detect a proxy server on the fly, giving you much better defense against this difficult threat.

iGuard and iARP

iPrism’s iGuard database is manned by dedicated analysts who scour frequently-updated proxy sources such as forums and other sites, to detect a proxy server and add each one they find to our URL database. Because proxy server detection is part of the security category, it is updated hourly and can be enabled on your iPrism via a simple “set and forget” check box.

Another tool for defending against anonymous browsing employs automatic anonymous proxy detection as part of the iPrism proprietary Automated Rating Protocol (iARP™) feature. This technology, which can be used to detect proxy settings, adds more protection by compiling unrated URLs, accessed by your employees, and sending them to the iGuard team where they are analyzed, categorized and returned to your iPrism with your daily or hourly database updates.

With iPrism‘s 100% human-reviewed anonymous proxy detection and analysis, and iARP feedback, false positives are virtually eliminated and there’s no need to over-block unrated sites.