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Botnet Protection

iPrism Web Security and ePrism Messaging Security Solutions provide malware detection and virus protection including defense against dangerous botnets. EdgeWave solutions offer virus and malware protection with both inbound and outbound filtering of Internet and email traffic. iPrism leverages our powerful and unique malware protection technology, to provide continuous outbound protection, while ePrism Email Security provides both inbound and outbound botnet protection with exclusive zero-minute defense and its outbound malware protection technology.

Botnets are Pervasive and Dangerous

Among virus and malware protection efforts, bot security can be the most challenging. Bots are autonomous applications that gain access to your network and can stay hidden for weeks. They can invade any OS, including Windows antivirus solution and malware protection used by most companies may not detect them. Once they ‘phone home’ to command and control outside your network, they join together with other computers to form botnets. These hijacked computers are called zombies and most traditional malware protection solutions are ineffective against them. An efficient antivirus solution is the best answer when it comes to botnet protection and malware removal.

Botnets invasions can have serious consequences including:

iPrism Web Security Leverages Unique Botnet Threat Technology

At the core of iPrism’s malware protection center, is our exclusive botnet threat technology that prevents bots from ‘phoning home’. Once a bot has been detected and blocked, users are alerted via email and Real-Time Monitor so they can remediate compromised endpoints. iPrism on-box reporting will show compliance with regulations that protect users’ identities and data. You get constant botnet malware protection because the botnet threat index, provides real-time updates to stop new botnet threats. The iPrism threat index has no false-positives and performs without incurring any network latency for the best botnet protection.