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EdgeWave Outbound Anti-Botnet Protection
A class of criminal malware designed and built to infect computers and networks

Malicious Botnets can Dewarf other Cloud-Based Networks

iPrism Outbound Anti-Botnet Protection

Originally identified in 2006-2007, Botnets are a class of criminal malware designed and built to infect computers and networks, steal valuable data, and control victims’ computers in order to commit other cybercrimes. According to experts, today’s botnets are sophisticated, moneymaking machines that not only hijack data and compromise business networks, they are the backbone of a entire criminal ecosystem with the capability of putting all businesses and institutions at risk.

iPrism Botnet Threat Index

iPrism Web Security leverages a comprehensive botnet threat index to prevent bots from being activated, which occurs when they contact command and control centers outside your network. Once a bot has been detected and blocked, users are alerted via email and Real-Time Monitor so they can later remediate compromised endpoints without worrying about the immediate threat of financial loss resulting from data leakage or other damaging malicious and illegal activities. iPrism on-box reporting can show compliance with regulations that protect users’ identities and data.

Botnets are a Pervasive Danger

Bots are autonomous applications that are often, but not always, malicious in nature. Cybercriminals create bots for financial gain, forming vast networks of these applications that can infect networks and do massive damage before they are detected. It is estimated that as many as 25% of computers connected to the Internet may be infected by botnets. These infected systems are often referred to as “zombies”. Once a bot ‘phones home’ to one of thousands of command and control hosts, it becomes one of millions forming a botnet. They subsequently receive instructions to conduct malicious activities such as replicating themselves, sending new malware or allowing data leakage.

Not a New Market Problem

Botnets are not new but the damaging impact has only expanded as more sophisticated technologies become available. Whether created by using botnet tool kits that criminals can rent, or built as customized attacks aimed at specific target companies or institutions, botnets are frustrating IT security vendors because existing solutions have failed to prove 100% effective , even among Fortune 500 companies. And as this diagram depicting the conflicker botnet illustrates, botnets can be massive when compared with even the largest legitimate cloud networks.

Traditional methods for stopping botnets such as signature, heuristic & behavioral techniques on the endpoint, across the network, or at the gateway are estimated to be no more than 50% effective today. In the case of customized botnet attacks, these traditional approaches are totally ineffective.

Customer Impact

Botnets are pervasive and can have a devastating effect on businesses, including:

iPrism Web Security Delivers Unique and Effective Botnet Protection

iPrism Web Security leverages a comprehensive botnet threat index to bring an additional layer of defense to your gateway security and one that is more effective than others on the market. By enforcing the comprehensive botnet threat index, which is continuously updated, iPrism Web Security is able to block any attempt at an outbound connection to command and control centers outside your network, and instantly mitigate botnet threats. This approach offers significant advantages over any botnet defense our competitors are able to offer:

Why iPrism Botnet Protection is Better

iPrism stops emerging botnet threats at their source, by preventing existing or newly compromised endpoints from breaching your network and causing damage from data leakage and other malicious or illegal activities. Only iPrism leverages a comprehensive botnet threat index in this unique and effective way, assuring defense that:

Download the EdgeWave iPrism Outbound Anti-Botnet Protection Datasheet (PDF).